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Getting right to the point here (to tired for anything but that), I have yet to read my Nano story. Seriously though. I have about 90 pages of words I have written and strung together, but have yet to actually read them all.

Most of the time when I had time to write or even look at my story, I would be writing it, not reading it. Eventually I realized that, but I was too far in to take that much time and read it. Now I am done the 50k and have some time to read it, I am *dying* to!

Yet, I refuse to do so until I finish. I have reasons though- I am not doing it to punish myself in a weird way (*makes mental note* "Good way to torture writers- force them to write stories, but not read them! Baha!").

I know that I will edit. And believe me, once I start, I will not be able to stop and there is a heck of a lot of things to edit. I suspect several story aspects will have to change, which means that outcomes and subplots and then everything will change...I would be locked in my room for days editing if I started.

I want to read it so badly too. *darn inner editor!*

Happy Writing!


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