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Okay, I will be getting back to my literary musings shortly. If this is your first time reading this, skip to my second post, then go from there; everything will make more sense. Well, if I was to be philosophical about that statement, it would be infallible to say that least, but I hope you are eximious in your reading to be able to figure that out.

I have a website; Jazzelle Braewyn Zariel

Second topic to discuss; I have another website, but that is for me alone. I fill it with all the philosophical musings I can think of, which is by no means small, and discuss in writing what I can't express out loud.

Why the second one? Well, I have taken on some interesting and thought provoking reading lately, which brings up many intriguing thoughts. Things like duality, transformation (a synonym for those being the Tempest by Shakespeare), pre-destination, and the list goes on. I've had it up for a while yet, but I plan on keeping it to myself unless there is a great interest in it (which translates to you will probably never see it). Most of it is on the computer in draft form, so even if you are canny enough to figure out what it is called, you wouldn't see much.

Anyways. Happy Writing all,


Ugh, I am cringing where I sit right now.

Okay, I write these blog posts very quickly because generally I like to spend the time I spend writing, actually writing my story.

Now, you may not know, but I am very OSD about spelling and grammer, and am throughly disgusted my myself right now. I also edit to no end, and I can barely stand this.

My posts are so atrocious when it comes to all three, and for that, I apologize profusely. I am sure that some of you were sitting at your computers completely confused when I misspelled words, or made up my own for goodness sake!

Ugh, one horrible example: I wrote 'pasted' instead of 'passed'. How abominable.

I really do not have time to go and edit all of the posts I have done. I have enough to do with writing my novel, school, and life, so it's just not going to happen until March Break or the summer (I know I know, it should be done sonner, but it's just not possible).

Just to reinterate; I do not spend a lot of time typing my posts. I do spend a great deal of time when I can thinking of what I am going to write, so I can try and help those of you that read this. I really want to help those of you who are going through some of the things I have and offer practical advice. This means that there will be a lot of spelling, and grammatical mistakes in my posts.

Again, so sorry.

Happy Writing,

Bit of a milestone to talk about today.

Now, if I was going in chronological order, I would have put this before my last post... but I'm not. I also wanted to put the more unfortunate news first, then the good stuff.

Well, on the 31st of December 2007, I, JB, finished HALF of my book!!


Do you know how ameliorated I feel right now?? My goal was to get half way finished by January 4th (a.k.a. my birthday), but I did it a little less then a week early!! And I am almost done another chapter too!

More good news: I have finished the middle section of my book, and have two chapters done for the end section too!! BOO YA!

I am so happy, I can't describe it. Getting half way makes it see so much more attainable now!

So set your goals! Work to get there! Reward yourself! You will feel good! Trust me!

Happy Writing and Goal Reaching,

Hey everyone,
Today this is more of a personal blog to begin with (I do have a point at the end, I promise), but I wanted a place to write down all of the possibly stupid things I have done over the break (and it's probably not what you are thinking), and share a little bit of my experiences. Hopefully they can relate to you, and I hope even more that you don't make the same mistakes!

So, I made a writing forum called Writer's Draft. Personally, I think it's pretty nice, and put a lot of work into making it. In a nutshell; it a place for aspiring writer's to come and talk about everything about writing (wow that was quick).
Now, I was checking up on it when I was at my cousin's house over the holidays (we slept over and I had only opened it up the day before). I was checking it, and lo! and behold a member of my family asks me about it. Well, I tell them the nutshell explanation of it, and eventually I told them that I was writing a book. I didn't want to, but it was one of situations that I knew I wasn't going to get out of unless I just got it over with and told them. Naturally there were a few others in the room (all adults, although no parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncle so thank goodness), and I'm fairly sure they think little of it. What stock can they put in someone my age who probably;y knows so little about anything, much less the world of writing?
Well, I intend to prove them wrong naturally.
So that pasted with only the slightest amount of conversation, which I found both disappointing, and relieving. I wanted them to be interested; they are my family and main source for support, so if I can't get encouragement from them, I know I'll be hard-pressed to find it elsewhere! Only one comment (well argument would be a better description actually) was when an immediate member of my fairly said that they would go on my computer, and read what I have.
This shows the ignorance and ineptitude of my family no doubt. I'm sure many of you are feeling the horror of just the though of it; having someone go on your personal computer, and read you work. Work that you have poured you heart, energy, time and effort into creating, and just letting some person that has no idea what good literature entails, read it and make a mockery of all you have done.
I was hurt, shocked, and so very nervous.
I avoided much of the persistence of this individual, and told them I had written it by hand, and didn't keep it in the house. They said that they didn't believe it, but I repeated it, and the subject dropped (for the record I have a hard copy and soft copy and they are both in the house).

Now, last night I was up very early (five in the morning) talking to friends of mine, and I brought up the topic of dream jobs. Eventually we veered from that, but one of my friends ask another friend if she had ever thought of writing a book. I sat there and debated for a while before deciding that it would be alright to tell them. I wouldn't let them see it, but I could simply tell them about it.
So I did. Apparently they had tried writing a book (although neither getting past the first page), and I told them that I was currently writing one. They asked how long it was, and I had the privilege to tell them the length (which I am so very proud of, but more on this later). They seemed vaguely impressed, but we moved on to other things.

I am not going to lie and say that I was expecting both parties to react in that fashion. I was expecting genuine intrigue and long conversations on my works and choruses of support and well-wishing.
Alas, that was not so.
I didn't right out think I wanted these, but it was more subconsciously wanted. I wanted approval and enquires (which I would deny of course) so I could feel like what I was doing could be important to other people besides myself. I was basing every future reader on their reactions, and I know now that that wasn't fair. The people that tend to value reading, writing and authors either weren't in the room, or would be too quite or reserved to say anything (mind you, I could be mistaken). Sure I could have planned telling people about it better, but it's not exactly the thing you plan for, and regardless, the disappointment would still be there.

I really do implore you; don't let people make you, or what you are doing, feel insignificant. People are going to be unimpressed, jealous, uninterested, or not take you seriously. Trust me, I didn't think it would happen to me, but it did. I really wish it could have turned out differently, but this way you can learn something from me. Perhaps if I had the hard copy with me I could have showed them and threw it in their faces and told them that I was really doing this and I am proud of it, but really, what would that have done? I can't change how they feel about it now, but hopefully once they see the final copy (which will get done) they perhaps appreciate my work and me a little more.

So, I march on this under-appreciated path in hopes that my journey will lead me somewhere where I can be amongst people that care enough about my work to take it seriously. For now though, I am stuck here, surrounded by uncaring people.
DO NOT get stuck! Sure, you can tell people about it, but don't have high (or even mediumly placed) expectations because you do not want to be let down like I was.

I hope that in this new year you reach your writing goals, and never give up on them.

Happy Writing, and a Happy New Year,


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