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It has been ages since I posted last. Ages and ages. I have several posts half done, but I wanted to say something important :)

So, I am done my first draft!!

Certainly a cause for celebration, but also serious contemplation.
Okay, I have gotten this far right? Isn't everything supposed to be easy now?? I have the thing down, shouldn't all the editing and revising just come???
Sadly, no this is not the case. I really really wish I could say something more encouraging, but unfortunately I can't. It is reality I deal out here.
I really did think that once I reached this that it would be clearer sailing, which was the first problem.
I focused everything on reaching the point of being done my first draft, that when it came and I didn't feel the relief I thought I would, I was so disappointed.
I have so much work to do now! Real work! My first draft was to get things down, not make a literary piece worthy of an audience.
NOW I have to do that, and that my friends, is hard. I need to make this agent worthy, publisher worthy, and reader worthy.
Before it was purely for me and I had only me in mind (which was not a bad thing). Now I have to make this ready for someone else, and the standards are higher. Much higher.

With all that in mind, I have forged ahead and am half way done my first round of revising. The past two weeks I haven't been doing that much (which was not my fault exactly, but still), so this week I will continue on and get more done.
Sometimes it is hard though. I think my work is crap some days, then great others. I am finding a hard time striking a balance there, but I know now that things won't be perfect.
I am getting there though.

Happy Writing,


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