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So this post is just to tell you future blog posts topics I will be writing about. And the are:

Pen Names!
I have been thinking about this for a couple weeks now, and I want to briefly share my thoughts on them.

Basically how I outline and practical help on the subject. I have done two novels, and tried two different outlining techniques, so hopefully I can provide some insight into it.

This can be a stress or annoying for some people, but it is necessary. Oh boy, is it necessary. I will be talking about how I do, things that have worked for me, and things that have not.

And not on a small scale here. We are talking whole chapters, whole sections, and the pain-in-the-neck type of rewriting. My tips on how to go about it, why do it at all, and when it is really necessary.

Healthy Writing Tips!
Take it from someone who knows, writing healthily (how ever weird a concept since it is usually the last thing we are thinking) is important. I will elaborate more. It will be different from what you are thinking, easy, and practical, I assure you.

How it can be your friend or enemy, and tips for dealing with both.

There are many different ways to do it, and I figured it was about time we got into something a tad more technical. 'Twill involve things like chapters, page spacing, and all that crazy goodness.

...And the fact that you need very little if it. More on that in the post.

Prologues and Epilogues!
Both small and somewhat similar enough to include in one post. The fundamentals, why we use them, and effectiveness of them.

The Villains!
The different types, their attitudes, figuring out what personality works for you, and how to help them reach their full potential in their own respected style.

Character Bios!
I use them, and love them. I will share why I do for each, and give specific detail on what I include.

Hopefully one or more of those intrigues you! I certainly am open to suggestions too if something is burning in your mind to be answered.
Okay, keep in mind here that I will share with you my experience, and try and point you in the right direction, aka one that works for you individually. I am not going to say "This is how you do and there are no other plausible answers that will work.". Obviously that is not true. I will put out what I know, what I have experienced myself, and what you can do to help you figure out what works best for you and your writing.

Sound good?

Happy Writing,

Lately my posts have been most personal updates, but I will be changing that for at least the new year, or specify it in the title (maybe labels? I will decide later).

So I am nearing the end of And I Feel the Night, which is exciting (and it helps that a final fight scene is coming too), *but* it will not be the last one in the series.

Yes! I have sequel ideas! Since I have the world established, and all the characters in the sequels introduced, they will be more like short stories (but together in one book or a few depending on the length of them). Wait, back-tracking:
The characters I have introduced are all involved in the original story, but they all have there own stories to tell (and very different stories at that). I have about...six pairs of characters (when you read it, you will know why they come in pairs, and no they are not dating/married/related or anything like that). Excluding my MC's mind you. So I certainly have enough material to go on. I will only be writing about certain parts of there life, so you will get to know and understand the characters, and get the main conflict they are going through.I hope this is making sense.

Anyways, so even though I am near the end of the first draft (*not even close to the last for this one*) of And I Feel the Night, the sequel of stories has just barely started to evolve.
I did write down some of the ideas I have for future reference during school today, so the beginning is still in the very first baby stages.

I am very glad about the fact that I will be continuing on in the same world, and giving my secondary characters the chance to be the MC's and have the attention they deserve.

They are quite happy with that.

Happy Writing!

I validated my Nanowrimo story, so I now have a purple winners bar on their site. I am really looking forward to next years Nano, and maybe even possibly the 3-days novel event. If I am still crazy enough to consider it come labour day of next year.

Yesterday I updated my website with current information. Finally! It had been way too long since I had done that, and finally it is back up to snuff.

I also have some new goals too, since my wrist forced me not to do very much the past couple weeks.
I want to finish my Nano as soon as I can, but I will not be putting a deadline on it; I will not put myself in any more pain, so I will write when I am able to. I will probably start editing it in December regardless of if I am finished or not. I was debating whether I should just get through it, but things will have to change drastically in it anyways so it would be pointless for me to write it (most likely over working my wrist), then just go back and change it.

So my original plan for Untold (my other novel) when i finished the first draft was to get my editing done by the new year. That will not be happening most likely. I want to get this more or less on its way while I am in the story's mindset, and I refuse to quickly get through Untold and rush it.

Even though there are no real time limits, I feel behind. And it does not help that I have not written in a couple weeks. I tend to be in worse moods if I have not written, and it is now really getting to me. but I have tomorrow off, and I plan on writing :D.
I really am looking forward to it.

Happy Writing!

My wrist, because I have severe carpal tunnel, has apparently decided that enough was enough. It worked through those 11days of Nano fairly well, then even in the couple of days following was a good sport after I did not give it a break, but now, it appears that it is the end of the line.

The pain and the random numbness is so awfully bad. It is so freaking painful!!

Okay, pain is not exactly something novel to me- the amount shocks most people who have the time to actually listen to the list I have going on- so it is not like I complain very much (only here, and an occasionally WD post). I never do outloud, which is a big problem because I never get things checked out and wait too long so things get worse. A admitting I am in crippling pain means that I have to share feelings...my feelings...with people...Umm, not happening unless it is so bad I can not function and literally need someone to help, because I can not help myself.

And because I really am as self destructive as I said before, I now can not type with my right hand because I have been ignoring the pain for too long! That means I have to put my story on hold for a few days (preferably I would not use it at all for a few weeks, but ya right. A few days is bad enough)! UGH. It is so frustrating though. I want to write, I want to get this done, I want to finish and reach the goals I have set for this! But nooo!

It really is my own fault here- of course it is. I really do not want to have to go the surgery route either, but at this rate, well it is not that far off.

So what does this mean for me writing in the future long term? I really do not know. I will have to perfect my one-handed typing techniques (by the way, it is really annoying to type with only one hand). I was thinking about something like a tape recorder, but I am not sure if I would be able to be as comfortable with that- I like seeing the words right away (well, I would be able to see them after they uploaded to the computer, but still, it is not the same).

So if I may offer some advice for the writers out there with out carpal tunnel- Pace yourself. Do not over use your hand(s). Take breaks. Exercise your wrists properly. Go see your doctor at the first signs of trouble.

*sigh*. Well, at least I have the 50k done though.

Happy Writing! (write an extra amount for me!)

JB *is in so much freaking pain*

Getting right to the point here (to tired for anything but that), I have yet to read my Nano story. Seriously though. I have about 90 pages of words I have written and strung together, but have yet to actually read them all.

Most of the time when I had time to write or even look at my story, I would be writing it, not reading it. Eventually I realized that, but I was too far in to take that much time and read it. Now I am done the 50k and have some time to read it, I am *dying* to!

Yet, I refuse to do so until I finish. I have reasons though- I am not doing it to punish myself in a weird way (*makes mental note* "Good way to torture writers- force them to write stories, but not read them! Baha!").

I know that I will edit. And believe me, once I start, I will not be able to stop and there is a heck of a lot of things to edit. I suspect several story aspects will have to change, which means that outcomes and subplots and then everything will change...I would be locked in my room for days editing if I started.

I want to read it so badly too. *darn inner editor!*

Happy Writing!


Yesterday I started to post, but it was late and subsequently I was very tired, so here are the thoughts I can remember from my yesterday musings.

I was thinking about Nano and also my story and can up with some randomness to post.

The first being that, even though I am not done my novel yet, I have reached the 50k. The challenge has been complete, and I will have to wait for another year before I can officially do it again.

It is kind of sad.

I will not be able to officially do this again for another year. I expect my Nano novel to take about 10 times that amount of time before it is actually readable, so I will be busy (and I do have another novel to edit too, so I will be very busy), but I wish that it would not take 342 days until Nano '09.

Skipping over that because I could ramble on for pages basically saying the same thing, my story will definitely be about another 10k as far as I can tell from where I can metaphorically see now. Which I plan on getting done before Nano is done (this is official now- I will get it done before the end of Nano.). I plan on taking it a little more slowly now (only a little though), but that just means I will be spending more time doing the things I should be (like passing classes, eating, sleeping- all the things I have neglected to do recently). Maybe 1 or 2k a day- something like that.

I have yet to read over anything I have written! How strange is that! Believe me, if I start reading it, I will edit it like *crazy* and no one will see me for days because I will be on the computer, killing myself over editing it.

Oh! Speaking along those lines, two people asked me to read my story today, and the strange thing is, they brought it up. Like, one of them knew I was doing it; he was thinking about doing it himself for a little bit and knew I was really excited for it. The other must have been talking to a friend of mine or something....I really do not know how he found out exactly but with only 150 people in my school, things get around. Well, he wants to read it too. I proceeded to tell them both that it was crap. Now, like I said, I have not read it yet, but I can still guarantee that it is crap. But they both knew that it was about the word count first, and I would edit it later. I am not sure when I will give it to them, but I do plan on sending it them- something for us to laugh over pretty much.

As my other novel, a couple people have wanted to read that too. One guy I am friends with heard me briefly mentioning it in our Writer's Craft class and wanted to read it when I was done. It was like six months later and he asked me again, and wondered about how I was doing. I was honestly a little surprised that he asked me again (I forgot he wanted to read it actually), and I told him he could. I would also very much like a male's perspective on it too, so I am glad he is so intrigued.

I would love to share my Nano story to with people, and have them read it, mainly because it is really bad, and I know it. So if they said it was bad and told me things to fix, I would be all for it because I know it is awful and needs a lot of work. My other novel I just am very territorial over right now for various reasons that I am sure you can come up with on your own :).

Happy Writing!


At 9:14pm on November 11th, guess what I finished.


YES that is right! I finished Nanowrimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dances* *noise making* *celebrates* *throws confetti*!!!!!!!!!

Okay, recap of this post so far:



Wow am i excited, and yes I will have an even worse headache in a few minutes, but HECK YES I FINISHED!
Wow this is great. I really did doubt my ability to get even 20k in 30 days, but I am 11 days in and I have more than 50k!!
My story is yet to be done, although I could end it where I have stopped, but it would be an incomplete ending. I plan on getting it all done, whether it takes another 30k or more, in before November is done so I can start editing right from the get go of December.


*is so excited*

Thank to everyone for the support! Really, I probably woUld have given up. My characters thank you too ;)! Oh I love the story, I love the characters, I love writing! And I love Nanowrimo!
*hugs go to all*

Happy Writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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