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My wrist, because I have severe carpal tunnel, has apparently decided that enough was enough. It worked through those 11days of Nano fairly well, then even in the couple of days following was a good sport after I did not give it a break, but now, it appears that it is the end of the line.

The pain and the random numbness is so awfully bad. It is so freaking painful!!

Okay, pain is not exactly something novel to me- the amount shocks most people who have the time to actually listen to the list I have going on- so it is not like I complain very much (only here, and an occasionally WD post). I never do outloud, which is a big problem because I never get things checked out and wait too long so things get worse. A admitting I am in crippling pain means that I have to share feelings...my feelings...with people...Umm, not happening unless it is so bad I can not function and literally need someone to help, because I can not help myself.

And because I really am as self destructive as I said before, I now can not type with my right hand because I have been ignoring the pain for too long! That means I have to put my story on hold for a few days (preferably I would not use it at all for a few weeks, but ya right. A few days is bad enough)! UGH. It is so frustrating though. I want to write, I want to get this done, I want to finish and reach the goals I have set for this! But nooo!

It really is my own fault here- of course it is. I really do not want to have to go the surgery route either, but at this rate, well it is not that far off.

So what does this mean for me writing in the future long term? I really do not know. I will have to perfect my one-handed typing techniques (by the way, it is really annoying to type with only one hand). I was thinking about something like a tape recorder, but I am not sure if I would be able to be as comfortable with that- I like seeing the words right away (well, I would be able to see them after they uploaded to the computer, but still, it is not the same).

So if I may offer some advice for the writers out there with out carpal tunnel- Pace yourself. Do not over use your hand(s). Take breaks. Exercise your wrists properly. Go see your doctor at the first signs of trouble.

*sigh*. Well, at least I have the 50k done though.

Happy Writing! (write an extra amount for me!)

JB *is in so much freaking pain*


aw crap i'm sorry about your wrist!! i know a similar pain when i was doing my leaving cert (SATs? i think) where we had to write 6 hours stright every day for a week of exams. Deep heat is always good!!

at least you have 50K!! yay!!

Hey JB :) I read this and something popped into my mind. My dad has this... thing on his work computer where he can talk into a microphone and it will process the words and write them in Word. It's pretty cool.

Just a thought!

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