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So last night, writing amazing. As in it was the best writing experience I have ever had. Maybe I have not written much compared to others, but I have written enough, and this was the first I ever felt so...into my writing.

When I was writing a couple scene, they were so intense and I got so into them; it was amazing. They might not be that intense to read, but I was definitely with my characters right in the middle of the story going through it with them. It did not feel like I was writing it, but that I was actually *there*. It was crazy awesome (emphasis on the 'crazy' and 'awesome' part). I am so in love with that part, and even more in love with writing and this story, which I was hard pressed to believe I could love it anymore. It was a phenomenal experience, and I hope it happens again! Boy has Nanowrimo been good to me so far Very Happy.

And let me be clear here; I am in no way saying that my writing technique or the words I chose of the very writing itself was amazing. It is somewhere in between 'meh' and 'holy cow this is freaking awful!' on the writing scale, but as I said before, December is when I will get it neat and polished.

Also, at the end of writing yesterday, I realized that I had written about 6k in total that day, which I thought was great. Sure, I wrote twice as much the first day, but still; I was writing on and off from about 2pm and I did not think that it was that much writing. Normally I check a couple times an hour of my word count, but I was so into it I wrote about 2k without even realizing it, and I was shocked when I looked at my word count.

I swear I have used the words shocked and comfort (or some variant of it) at least a hundred times each, and my characters have nodded their heads so much I am surprised their brains have not been rattle into mush. Honestly.
But whatever- I will edit it later with a thesaurus on hand Smile.

Side Note:
I changed my blog theme! Horoscope signs aside (although they are growing on me even though they do not exactly fit in with the theme), I *love* it. The whole header picture with the night sky and the trees and such fit in well with the 'aphotic' part in a kind of irony that I enjoy, partly because I love what the picture shows, but then again what 'aphotic' means. Perfect for me. Although again, minus the horoscope symbols.

Happy Writing!



Oh i love horoscope signs so i can live with them lol. wow you are just flying!! if i write 200 words i think i;m doing great but 6K thats amazing!! and not even realising you had written 2K.

its those kind of experiences that keep us going as writers. spread some of that nano superwriting buzz my way kay? ;)

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