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I validated my Nanowrimo story, so I now have a purple winners bar on their site. I am really looking forward to next years Nano, and maybe even possibly the 3-days novel event. If I am still crazy enough to consider it come labour day of next year.

Yesterday I updated my website with current information. Finally! It had been way too long since I had done that, and finally it is back up to snuff.

I also have some new goals too, since my wrist forced me not to do very much the past couple weeks.
I want to finish my Nano as soon as I can, but I will not be putting a deadline on it; I will not put myself in any more pain, so I will write when I am able to. I will probably start editing it in December regardless of if I am finished or not. I was debating whether I should just get through it, but things will have to change drastically in it anyways so it would be pointless for me to write it (most likely over working my wrist), then just go back and change it.

So my original plan for Untold (my other novel) when i finished the first draft was to get my editing done by the new year. That will not be happening most likely. I want to get this more or less on its way while I am in the story's mindset, and I refuse to quickly get through Untold and rush it.

Even though there are no real time limits, I feel behind. And it does not help that I have not written in a couple weeks. I tend to be in worse moods if I have not written, and it is now really getting to me. but I have tomorrow off, and I plan on writing :D.
I really am looking forward to it.

Happy Writing!


You are write to take your time with untold. i've heard many authors like to leave a 1st draft alone for a month or longer and then come back to it fresh!! so Yay for you!! keep in the mindset!!

I know how you feel about being restless and unhappy when you haven't written. Just don't screw up your wrist anymore, 'kay? I'll have to fly in and smack you. We don't want the almighty Quill to be injured.
I hope you meet any and all goals you set, JB!

-Novel ;)

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