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Lately my posts have been most personal updates, but I will be changing that for at least the new year, or specify it in the title (maybe labels? I will decide later).

So I am nearing the end of And I Feel the Night, which is exciting (and it helps that a final fight scene is coming too), *but* it will not be the last one in the series.

Yes! I have sequel ideas! Since I have the world established, and all the characters in the sequels introduced, they will be more like short stories (but together in one book or a few depending on the length of them). Wait, back-tracking:
The characters I have introduced are all involved in the original story, but they all have there own stories to tell (and very different stories at that). I have about...six pairs of characters (when you read it, you will know why they come in pairs, and no they are not dating/married/related or anything like that). Excluding my MC's mind you. So I certainly have enough material to go on. I will only be writing about certain parts of there life, so you will get to know and understand the characters, and get the main conflict they are going through.I hope this is making sense.

Anyways, so even though I am near the end of the first draft (*not even close to the last for this one*) of And I Feel the Night, the sequel of stories has just barely started to evolve.
I did write down some of the ideas I have for future reference during school today, so the beginning is still in the very first baby stages.

I am very glad about the fact that I will be continuing on in the same world, and giving my secondary characters the chance to be the MC's and have the attention they deserve.

They are quite happy with that.

Happy Writing!


thats brilliantg JB, i was wondering do you have a beta that reads your stuff? or close family friend or something to hand over your stuff when your finished reading?

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