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As is my tendency, I write first for my novel, then for my writing journal, then for my online writing community, and if my carpel tunnel is not acting up (unlikely), then I update my website, and then I post here. If I have something worth saying...which is becoming more and more a rarity these days.

Besides my blog, I have my other two, more prominent online havens:

Writer's Draft
This is a forum for aspiring writers, having been created and run by myself.

JB Website
This is my website, which has information about me as an author, my current work, and future work.

On Writing: Aspiring Writers
My first post (and, yes I am well aware that is a little bit odd to link your blog in a blog post of said blog when you don't have many blog posts to begin with. Regardless, there it stands).

Secondly, editing is going well. I have finally overcome some crippling feelings, and have moved past them. Of course I expect them to catch up sometime, but for now I am in the clear.
I have chapters one and two to edit/revise, then I have to transfer the revisions.
Honestly, it is in times of disaster and editing when I really appreciate my need to organize.

Okay, really I am in the middle of an insomnia attack here- it is 7:50am and I have yet to get some sleep. Don't think that I haven't gone to bed yet, because indeed I have. I was there for hours. Hours.

So I will leave before I type something embarrassing (lucky for you!).

Happy Writing,



Hello JB,

You probably don't recognise my 'writers name' but i'm actually epona from the writers thread on the lexicon and the writers draft (which i've been absent from i'm ashamed to say :( real life sucks sometimes) . anyhow Long time no see. Anyhow, ive recently got serious about writing a book and hopefully publishing. You probably know yourself that everyone seems to mention the 'Platform' and networking with other writers and with those in the publishing industry. Anyhow i've plugged the scriptorium (and if you want WD and your personal website) on my new blog

'The Chronicles of Emily Cross'


I was wondering if you would mind adding my blog to yours, just to create a network? I plan on contacting the host scribes to affiliate with them as well.

Let me know what you think

Thank you

Epona (writing as Emily Cross)

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