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Hey everyone, I know I haven't been keeping my blog up to date, but I have a lot of things currently going on, so expect updates, but don't expect too many too soon (sorry about that). This one is short, but important.

So the topic for today; your opinion. It's a valuable thing really, and when combined with writing, it can be wonderfully accurate. Or completely, absolutely, totally, dead wrong.
I was catching up on a backlog of editing recently on a chapter that I thought was really terrible. When I wrote it I was very dissappointed with it, and thought that it was best just to get through it, and redo it later. So begrudgingly I finished it, and put it deep in the confines of my filing system where it would never see the light of day.
Things left unfinished tend to bug me, and I knew that it was time to edit the thres chapters I had neglected to edit straight away. So up from the depths that cursed chapter surfaced, and I started editing it. After the first few pages I stopped and reread it agian.
It was good.
And I actually liked it.
You see, I am my own worst critique, as most writer's are. I thought that what I had written was horrible right after I had finished it, but later I found that it worked really well and wasn't bad at all.

You might think what you are doing is wrong and horrible and aweful when you are writing it. Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong though. It is your opinion.
But can I advise something? Give what you do a fair shot. It isn't fair to you, your characters, or your future readers to miss a potentially wonderful part in your writing just because you had a bad day, or your opinion is wrong. your opinion is not the 'be all, end all' so give yourself time, forget about it, go back to it, and then make up your mind. Perhaps you will find that it is actually really good.

Happy Writing,


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